A new kind of business to change the face of Fashion

The Garment is an online ethical fashion network that is based on a passion to change the face of the industry for the better. More than just an e-commerce site, The Garment both curates brands for consumers based on a multi-faceted code of ethics, and helps brands hit sustainability goals by bringing them an audience who deeply cares about those standards.

Our challenge was to help their team test and refine an unprecedented business model. To do so, we facilitated a full design sprint, prototyped a beta network, and user-tested with a focus group of their target market. We also designed their brand, website, and marketing creatives to launch the new business model with a refined, elegant look.

Brand identity


The client’s existing vision for the brand came very well formed at the outset, so moodboarding collaboratively was key to creating a visual identity that felt in line with that vision.

Web Design






The Garment evolved from the founder's Instagram following to an online community platform and web store. Informative social content was key in launching the new initiatives.