Wake up and smell the process

Monitor is a collaborative, process-driven agency. Every project begins with an onboarding Sprint. This ensures we understand your business as well as you do, allowing us to look at your biggest challenges through a holistic lens. Our clients are involved in crucial design decisions from the onset, which minimizes revisions and creates work that resonates deeply with you and your audience.



Our Sprint method has a proven track record for solving some of the biggest brand challenges quickly and with confidence. By applying a thoughtfully designed workflow to our project onboarding, we can identify problems and map out actionable solutions for your brand, product, website, and strategy, collaboratively.



The Sprint maps out ideas, iterations, and solutions for your brand. Summarizing outcomes and making recommendations for actionable steps is next. Shared with you, the Sprint Summary acts as our foundation to make strategic decisions about the project.



Whether it's your brand strategy, or wireframes for a new website, we emphasize building a strategic foundation first. At this stage, we start to build that foundation, considering brand positioning, target audience, and tone of voice. From here, with your feedback, all future design tasks are built up to be cohesive, aligned, and impactful.



For web and digital projects, we apply our strategy to a high-fidelity prototype to gain valuable feedback and test our assumptions, before investing in your final product.



When necessary, we speak directly with your audience to gain insights into how your brand and new project is perceived— allowing us to double-down on positive feedback, and iterate on negative feedback, before investing in project execution.



From a solid strategic foundation, our design team gets to work based on informed decisions and a clear strategic path. We create bold brand identities, websites, and design collateral to connect your business with the audiences that matter most.



After exhaustive exploration, we present unique and arresting creative concepts for you to review. We move forward with your feedback to ensure the end result is the best result.



Our finish line is your starting line, so we take great care in completing and delivering your brand and assets as a complete package, ready to use.


The end is never really the end. We offer continued support to ensure your brand evolves in step with your growing business.