Application of a design sprint on two technology products in the Cannabis industry.

OGEN Cannabis is one of the fastest growing cultivators in Canada. Their leadership loves to experiment and puts high value on unique customer interactions. In line with this philosophy, we embarked on a project consisting of two major design deliverables: a new website for OGEN Cannabis that embraces animation and high-touch interaction, and an involved web-app that allows customers to deep dive into the specific traits of every batch of new product.

We kicked off the project with a full 4-day design sprint. Working collaboratively, both teams sketched out solutions, voted on best ideas, and created a prototype that was used to test with a focus group of their audience. We compiled all user feedback and made revisions on to the website designs and the app prototype. As a result, we were able to design both tech products with full confidence before investing in development. Since launch, the app has been used by almost 1 million unique users.

app Design


Through 1 on 1 user tests, we were able to gain feedback and design the most ideal interactions with full empathy for the end user.

Web Design


The matrix meets sneaker culture—OGEN's new website was an exercise in pushing their brand standards to the edge.